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Birds and Animals in Australia

Birds and animals in Australia are diverse and beautiful; there are almost 800 species of birds and around 140 species of marsupials in Australia, including wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, koalas, etc.

Beautiful Australian parrot
Beautiful Australian parrot

About half of the mammalian species are marsupials, and the remaining half are Monotreme or placental mammals. About 55 species of wallabies and native kangaroos are on this continent.

National birds of Australia are very attractive with beautiful, soft feathers. Australian birds are divided into six main categories.

Corvid radiation: preacher birds typical of this continent and that come from the family of the corvids, such as wrens, robins, magpies, and pardalotes. All these are common Australian birds you may want to know.

Eurasian colonists are native to Eurasia; some examples are swallows, plovers, sunbirds, and some raptors. 

Migratory birds- birds of the Scolopacidae and Charadriidae families that visit Australia during the non-breeding season

Recent Introductions- birds such as Common Starling, Blackbird, house, and tree sparrows are common Australian birds.

Seabirds- birds that breed on islands or in the territory, for example, a group of albatrosses, petrels, sulids, and cormorants.

Ancient Endemics – These birds are non-passerby-shaped birds of Gondwanan origin, such as emus, cassowaries, and parrots.

Emus Are The National Birds Of Australia

Emu is the only member of the genus Dromaius and Australia’s largest bird; it is also the second-largest bird globally after the ostrich, the largest bird. Australian emu is of three subspecies. These National birds of Australia live in mainland Australia and avoid dense forests, arid and densely populated areas.

Emus are flightless birds with a body that reaches about 2 meters and is covered in soft brown feathers. The neck and legs are slim and long. It can travel long distances at a high speed of around 50km/h at one distance at a time. Emus are nomads and can travel long distances to find food. These birds feed on a wide variety of plants and insects and can go many weeks without eating.

These National birds of Australia (Emus) drink water once a day or two and have been known to drink a lot of fluids. It can also swim in the water and has been known to follow and observe other animals, including humans. They do not sleep continuously at night and have been known to need short periods of sleep.

Animals In Australia Are Treated Differently

Among the Birds and Animals in Australia, Kangaroos are treated and adapted like pests in Australia, especially in rural areas, to compete with cattle and sheep for fun. Kangaroo is always listed among Australia’s national birds and animals because of its popularity in this country. The kangaroo in these places is estimated to be around 60 million and may increase within a few years due to Australia’s abundant natural wealth.

Beautiful Australian Kangroos

The monotremes are another unique Australian animal group that you will come across in Australia. It belongs to a group of animals called egg-laying mammals. These animals are also known as living fossils. One of the best examples of this type of animal is the duck-billed platypus with webbed feet and a furry body.

Australia has many species of snakes, particularly venomous snakes. Compared to all other continents, this continent is populated by many species of snakes. As mentioned above, Australia is rich in birds. Australia has different oceans and is home to around 22,000 fishes and marine life, including whale sharks, great white sharks, dolphins, and many more.